Maintaining a complete finance department is beyond the resources for most small business, and in reality those skills are not required on a full time basis. Yet the functions and information these roles provide is required at various times to ensure the business can maximise opportunities and minimise risk.

At A plus B we recognised this contradiction and have devised solutions to provide your business with a range of accounting and finance skills on a part time basis. Therefore you can access the information you need, when you need it, for a fraction of the cost.

Using this structure gives you the benefits of:

  •     Accessing a variety of skills otherwise unavailable to your business in a cost effective manner,
  •     Introducing external independant expertise into your business that will provide you with fresh input,
  •     Freeing up management time (otherwise spent on accounting issues, process control etc.) to focus on your core business

Our core offerings are based around longer term relationships, so while we can provide project or adhoc support, we believe we add the most value to your business by understanding the unique environment your business operates within (opportunities, risks, access to resources etc.). We are with you when the issues are identified, solutions created, actions implemented and results measured.

This partnership approach ensures the business gets the right solution for the current set of circumstances, and as the situation evolves so does the response.

Helping business make better decisions is at the core of everything we do but importantly this simple statement means our focus, professional pride and success can all be measured by our ability to deliver on this promise.

If you can see the value of having access to a range of financial skills, expertise and experiences in your business please go and read more about our offerings or contact us to discuss your needs further.