Are you considering selling your business or would like it to be in a position for sale if required?
If your business was to be sold today would you get the best possible price?
If a potential purchaser was to review your business and operations would they find an efficient and effective operation?exit st

To maximise the sales value of your business you need to make the buying process as easy as possible. Standard business valuations are mostly based on some factor of revenue, profit, future cashflows etc. Therefore at a minimum you need to ensure your business is operating to maximise these elements, the real premiums are paid however when the ‘non-financial’ areas of the overall operation are also in place and performing.

Our exit strategy program is designed to enhance the marketability and value of your business you intend to sell during the next twelve months to three years.

Our Exit Strategy program will maximise the value of your business by:

•    Conducting a ‘due diligence’ style examination to determine how a prospective purchaser would perceive the current operation if they conducted a similar review
•    Establishing transparent and accurate historical financial records
•    Identifying areas for revenue growth and cost reductions
•    Reviewing key processes, procedures and controls
•    Identifying key relationships and ensuring that any agreements in place are current, valid and provide the best achievable outcome

Recommendations are provided to ensure that your business is being presented in its best possible light and then we work with you and your team to implement those recommendations and continue to tailor the deliverables as the business progresses.
When the sale period is imminent we will then help create the ‘data room’ and necessary documentation to enable purchasers to identify the future potential of your organisation.