Is your business performing to its potential?
Would you like someone to run an experienced eye over your current financial performance?
Review existing accounting processes and procedures, and understand how decisions are made in your business?
Then make recommendations for improvements, and create a document that can be provided to your management team, investors, bank etc. to show the current status of the business....

Most business owners are focused on the day-to-day management of their business and this may lead to a lack of attention to the overall performance of accounting process and controls. health ch
A Plus B Business Solutions has developed a Health Check program to provide your businesses with a comprehensive, independent assessment of your current financial position and associated processes and controls.

In conducting a health check we will focus on four major areas of your business:

  1.  Cash flow – access and control over funds
  2.  Financial transparency – ability to use financial information to improve decision making
  3.  Financial control – safe-guarding the assets of the organisation
  4.  Financial stability – viability and long term financial stability of the business

Your organisations information and processes are analysed and bench marked against best practice.  Following this process, we then provide practical recommendations which are tailored to the unique workings of your business, to help bridge gaps between current performance and best practice.

The program is flexible enough that specific issues or areas of concern within your business can be included in the review.

If you want to investigate further whether it is time to give your business a health check please contact us to discuss.