Having a full time CFO is not a realistic option for many businesses, and this can leave the business exposed regarding the financial and commercial support a senior financial individual can provide.

Would your business benefit from having access to accurate and relevant information, improved financial control, and input from a commercially astute qualified accountant?

My CFO is a customised program where experienced finance professionals work with management to drive business strategy and performance.   My CFO provides businesses with access to a trusted mycfoadvisor who has held senior financial roles in a variety of organisations and industries. 
The My CFO program is designed to assist businesses who want to achieve superior results and have the commitment to make this a reality.

Our team of qualified accountants bring a rare blend of strong technical accounting skill, and extensive commercial experience gained by operating in senior roles, to deliver our clients realistic solutions and measureable outcomes.

The My CFO program has three broad components:

  1. Work with management to create and drive strategy – business planning, investment analysis etc.
  2. Fulfilling the duties normally associated with a CFO – the creation of operational and cashflow forecasts, reporting on organisational performance, implementing structures to facilitate the measurement of performance, improve the financial controls etc.
  3. Work with internal book keepers/accounting staff to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the finance function – accounting process improvement, mentoring etc.

The My CFO program provides a flexible solution that offers access to the skill and experiences to enable performance improvement, while balancing the cost constraints of the organisation.

This program provides your business assistance on a part time basis and customised deliverables to suit your requirements and budget.